Balance & Beats

You can min-max a character, but can you min-max your life?

I’ve always immersed myself in whatever I’m doing—reading, writing, working. In some ways, that’s been great. It’s allowed me to develop a lot of different skills. But that focus, sometimes to the detriment of my real passions, has also kept me back from doing what I love.

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Prince of Death is Coming Soon!

Sam Burns and I have been friends for a while now, so I should’ve known we’d write something together eventually, right? You’d think I’d have that kind of foresight, but I just sat back and swooned over her amazing books in The Rowan Harbor Cycle. And then we got an idea. A wonderfully wicked idea that wouldn’t let us go. So we wrote it, and I’m so excited to start sharing our new world with you.

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