Flirting with Death

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Pirate Seeks Reaper of Souls for a World-Saving Adventure

Well, a man’s gotta try!

Patron of Mercy is out today! Lach’s been sailing the high seas by his lonesome for millennia. While he might be BFFs with a magic boat, he misses having company—you know, the kind that talks.

But more than anything, he misses the kind, serious god he turned his back on when he was a young man in togas. While the world withers around them, Lach makes one more gambit to win Thanatos’s trust back, and maybe save humanity in the process.

In Patron of Mercy expect:

  • a trash pirate

  • a snarky boat

  • the world’s softest death god

  • a cult moste evile

  • absolutely not a single melon baller

This is the third in the Lords of the Underworld series, and while technically the last in the series, Sam Burns and I will return to the universe in Sons of Olympus. In the first, Wildfire, everyone’s favorite arrogant professor, Wilder Pratt, will try and pin down the fastest god in the world after a student’s death leaves him reeling.

We hope you love Patron of Mercy as much as we loved writing it! If you missed out on Prince of Death or Prisoner of Shadows, that’s also available on Amazon, but Thanatos’s story can be read as a standalone.

And stay tuned for more news about another super secret upcoming project Sam and I are working on ;).


Lach has spent the last few thousand years counting only on himself. What he needed, he took. What he wanted, he won with charm. All except a god he turned his back on an age ago, when he had a different name and didn’t know what he was giving up.

Thanatos, god of merciful death, is one of the gentlest gods in the pantheon—easing the transition between life and death for billions of mortals. But he has faced eternity alone. After breaking his heart on the sharp words of a fisherman’s son, he hasn’t been able to connect with anyone.

Now, Lach is crashing back into Thanatos’s life, dragging him into an adventure that could save the world . . . or kill them both.

* Patron of Mercy is a the third in the Lords of the Underworld series but can be read as a standalone.