Free Short!

Happy Father’s Day, everyone!

June 16 also happens to be the day my dad became a dad, and since it’s my birthday, I wanted to give something back! Today only, my short story, Heart of the Sea, is free on Amazon! If you haven’t picked it up yet, or read it on KU and want it for your very own, now’s your chance!

I hope you have as fantastic a day as I’m having! Thank you so much for helping make twenty-eight awesome!


Poseidon has longed for Nerites for years, but with every god and titan making eyes at Nerites, he figures the nymph could use a break.

Coveted for being the only male Nereid, Nerites is slow to trust gods from the surface, but Poseidon is different. When Poseidon saves him from Helios’s trick, Nerites realizes he could let the guileless god into his heart…

Heart of the Sea is a sweet, sexy standalone short story featuring an overwhelmed nymph, the god who loves him, and more baby sea turtles than anyone knows what to do with. It’s a 6,000 word snack of a romance meant for 18+.