Prince of Death is Live!

Our Prince & Professor, Out in the Wild

I am so excited to announce that our book—my first full-length novel—is finally available on Amazon!

This book kind of hit us like a whirlwind. It was such a pleasure to write, and I really hope readers have as much fun stepping into this world for the first time as we did!

Without spoilers, you can expect to find:

  • A very good doggo, or three… ish.

  • An underworld goth squad.

  • Endless tweed.

  • A very sturdy bookcase.

  • Two men who find love and acceptance in each other’s arms.

We hope you enjoy Prince of Death, and join us back for Lords of the Underworlds Book Two: Prisoner of Shadows. Sincere thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.


Gifted power over life and death, Lysandros has spent millennia in the underworld, listless and alone. The youngest child of Hades and Persephone, he’s been sheltered from the threats in the world above.

Theo Ward hasn’t been so lucky. After watching his mother wither away, he’d do almost anything to have her back. When a messenger appears at the Banneker College of Magic and offers the young professor a chance to save her, Theo can’t pass it up, even if it means going straight into the underworld and dragging her home. But Theo gets more than he bargained for when he crosses paths with the prince of Hades.

Set against the king of Olympus, they must shed their past burdens and learn to trust in each other, so they can face down a storm that threatens to wipe the nation’s capital off the map.